Ruf friends

RUF is a German Tour Operator with over thirty years experience in youth tourism.
They holiday locations throughout Europe and the rest of the world: hotels, resorts, campgrounds etc.etc. to provide the most varied offer to their young customers, for sporting holidays, nature, the beach party, cultural.
In 2011 they arrived in our area, and have chosen our Camping Village Riva dei Tarquini to introduce a new product in their offer: the Friendsclub!
Friendsclub is a product intended for those guys who prefer relationships friendship!
The Friendsclub is a model of success and has become the flagship product.
The location makes the holiday, the village is spread under the pine trees and close to the Mediterranean, with direct access to the beach.
To lead the life in Friendsclub there’s a team of boys rehearsed and prepared following guests in the various stages of the day, from morning to bedtime!
Boys can choose from three types of accommodation: mobile homes, the wooden lodges and tents.
But then they all share the same wonderful spaces, “the farm” where you can eat great food and where you’ll find fresh fruit and pizza several times a day, the “Chilleria a wooden terrace with a small bar where you can relax with games of society while drinking a cold drink or eating an ice cream, then there is the theater” with the stage where every night there are shows and then we dance, and so many other activities: workshops, beach volleyball, slackline, Crossboccia and obviously can take advantage of our Adventure Park.
Then again rides in our magnificent hinterland, Vulci and Tuscania, not to mention Rome and Siena.
Now the Friendsclub RUF is a pleasant reality and an appointment that is renewed every year