Our Animation Staff (July 1st - end of August approximately), both day and evening, will gladly brighten your days. He will organize for you sports and various tournaments on the beach, water gymnastics, dance evenings, folklore and a theme. The animation team will also take care of YOUR CHILDREN with MINI-CLUB and BABY DANCE !! Animation awaits you company throughout the day, from awakening with the acquisition to entertainment evenings with various types of shows, not to mention games, sports activities, such as beach volleyball, table tennis or soccer, and mini club or baby dance for the little ones. Fun is guaranteed in the square or on the beach! To find out all the animation activities inside the campsite and to consult the calendar of events, consult the weekly program of the campsite, displayed on the notice boards of the camping village. Camping animation is a spontaneous choice. The desire to play with others makes socializing.