Sailing school

Established in 2015, MOLO ZERO has the intention of creating a "meeting center" that has as its core the practice of the sport of sailing and everything connected to it. For this reason MOLO ZERO offers a wide range of solutions addressed both to those approaching this discipline for the first time, and to those who intend to deepen specific maneuvers or to those who simply want to approach sailing and the "culture of the sea" and sharing the pleasure of spending time together on a sailing trip, a regatta, a holiday.

The purpose of our courses is to accompany the student in the  discovery of a new dimension to live in contact with nature, in the open  air, in company, learn the art of sailing to be able to navigate with a  crew or independently, in full safety and turn the bow towards a world  that will be discovered completely new.

All the school instructors  have followed specific training courses and are all National  Instructors present in the National Register of Technical Educators.